Vegetarian Food Menu:

No refined processed sugar, gluten, mozzarella recipes:

Per person

Raw Juice: try get organic veg and fruit as it’s the best to juice with and Mountain spring water.

  1. Red – 4x big carrots, 1 x green apple, ginger(you choose size), half Lemon, 3 x beetroots
  2. Green – 2 x green apples, ginger, mint, ¼ cucumber, 4 leaves – Spinage, 2 x kale, Half lemon
  3. Orange – 4 x carrots, 4 x orange, whole lemon, ginger, mint, 1 apple.


Chiaseed-RawCacao-Banana Fruit Bowl

  1. Smash banana In bowl
  2. 1 table spoon of chia seed
  3. 1 table spoon of Raw Cacao Powder
  4. Add water and mix together to make paste
  5. Add Gluten Free Granola – mix together – put in fridge to set
  6. Add apple and then any other fruit to add value.

Gluten free Granola:

  1. Put oven on to bake the Granola 180 degrees
  2. Add all gluten free oats into deep baking tray
  3. Add seeds of your choice (Sunflower, flack seed, sesame, pumpkin, poppy seed)
  4. Add coconut flacks or shavings
  5. Chop up almond and other nuts you like and add in
  6. Add a bit of olive oil drizzle and pinch salt

Put in oven for 20 mins.. keep an eye on it. Let it cool in the oven. Once cool then put it in a glass jar.

Add raisins and Goji berries so they are not baked.



Quinoa salad – With roast veg OR mayo with tomatoes+  cucumber + spring onions

Green salad – everything green!

Veg sushi – make sushi rice, get the seweed wraps and add your veg as you need!


Dinner/late lunch:

Chickpea base pizza:

Vegan OR Veg OR meat… up to you…


Oven on 180degrees

  1. Make Hummus with chickpeas that have been soaked, cooked and cooled down(do 24 hour before)
  2. Add brown flour or Gluten free flour to bowl and make dough from hummus and flour
  3. Make pizza dough and roll out into round shape
  4. Pre cut and poke the dough so it can expand in oven
  5. Cook base for 20 mins

Prep the toppings:

  1. Tomatoes paste: fill small jar 1x tomato paste sachet, add some tomatoes sauce, green herbs, some water and mix together. You can add chilli here if you all like or add it after.
  2. You can also do a basil pesto paste.



  1. Sauté onions/ you can add mushrooms or as individual
  2. Roast veg (Butternut and eggplant or sweet potato)
  3. Chop fresh Spinage or Kale
  4. Feta cheese

Once the base is precooked for 20 mins – keep the oven on and prep the pizza

  1. Put paste of choice
  2. Add Spinage/kale
  3. Add FETA Cheese or no cheese up to you
  4. Add roast veg
  5. Add feta cheese
  6. Onions/ mushrooms
  7. Seeds
  8. Any other topping you want. Yet this is perfect!

Put the pizza back in oven and cook for 20mins

Take out after 20 mins and then last 10 mins

Cut the pizza into pieces and pull it away so it can cook inside the pizza.

10 mins late (keep eye on it)

Take it out to eat!


Veg and lentil stew: for 2 people with left overs

  1. Soak brown lentils over night
  2. Cook them next day
  3. Big pot on stove
  4. 2 x onions x 1 garlic diced chopped – cook this: add your spices here
  5. Add 2 x fresh tomatoes
  6. Add can of tomato + tomatoe paste
  7. Dice butternut+ sweet potato add this and let it cook for 20 mins – add water as you need yet not to much
  8. Add diced eggplant and green beans
  9. Let it cook for 10 mins
  10. Add cooked lentils
  11. Let its cook for 20 mins on low heat.


Black Bean Patties:

  1. Soak black beans for 24 hours and then cook them the next day
  2. Take the fiber from the RED juice and add it with the black beans into blender with:
  3. Garlic, spices, half lemon, 1 egg + a little brown flour.
  4. It will make a semi runny paste
  5. Add some flour for more body and keep stirring.
  6. Put a hot frying pan on and test the paste with a tea spoon of it in a pan.
  7. If it doesn’t fall apart then its ready, if it does then it needs more flour.
  8. Take a big spoon and that’s the right size for each patty.
  9. Let them brown and then leave them to cool off

Serve as a Bunless burger/ MEATLESS BURGER


Pasta: Organic whole wheat / Chinese rice noodles

  1. Add pesto sauce
  2. Add sundried tomatoes
  3. Add sunflower seeds
  4.  Add what you feel you want – I sometimes add sauté onions there.

You can do a veg stirfry with this pasta as another dish



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