Galactic history : Lyran wars article is what’s happening now!

This is a great article that was sent by a lion sister whom I am grateful that she shared this with me.


I resonate so much with this as it speaks about what’s happening now within the earth and how that is reflected within the galactic history.


I have created 3 videos of my personal perspective on what’s going on and solutions to it. What I have been doing and how I see through it all.


Share this blog if it has assisted you and if it triggers resistance in you then that’s good as well.


All is divine and in perfect harmony even in the chaos of the illusion… This is the bridge of ascension that is very alive and moving forward, stay grounded and in NEUTRAL emotions.


If you need any guidance or support, please get in touch

Much love,


Jun 22 2020 Sam Cartwright Category: Uncategorized

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