HOME Ground!!! Ready for Part 2…Its been Epic!

Ola Interweb world and Serendipity-sun.com fans… how do you do???

So im back from out of space and i got lots of stories to share!!

Just updatigoddess-2ng the blog and collecting my stories…

Stay tuned into a network inspiration station!

Its been 2014-2016 – 2 years of going with the flow – Full time!, mi 30th.. found him! traveled to europe twice in 2 years and focusing only on my connection with souls who accepted my sessions! Our tribe grows everyday! Gratitude to you all for being brave enough to see and wise enough to speak, mainly Joy and Love is what we reap&Share!   now living in Noordehoek Capetown with a Friend who is hosting me…Its been real, pure and adventurous! I have come back inspired to create this website as a portal of epic creations! with 5 categories…

Food, water, Shelter, Warmth, Music… simple ways of doing life… the authentic way… natures way!

Proud of every single master creator who is living their own universal divine creation!

Chat soon…


Im going to leave this here:



Peace within… hAVE THE best EXPERIENCE!!



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