Our minds playing tricks on us again!


Well, here I am checking up on my blog website and am amazed by the replies and feedback from all of you webcrawlers around the world. THANK YOU! In my mind my website and writing is average, yet for you its life changing and inspiring. SO I WILL KEEP AT IT!

Its always tuff being your own inspiration and keeping up with the Johnsons, yet with responses that i have received, i will keep doing what im doing.

Its Dec 2016 and its been on  heck of a year of closing chapters that no longer serve us. Since 2012 till now we have been purging everything that has been hiding under the skirt of a dirty politician.. lol we all had or have darkness buried beneath the front face of IM ok? energy! yet under it all we all have faced parts of ourselves in others that made us think twice before being disrespectful to ourselves and our environment. Our thoughts really do create things and our words are our power! Closing doors and moving on and forgiving all thats been done has been the challenge and challenge accepted. I feel we can be really proud of how far we have come in this ascension process and we are only going to expand further. For those who have been touched by death or separation, trust that this is for the better and know your loved ones are with you as your personal guardian, dont be shy to say hi!  BE PROUD OF OUR JOURNEY! Celebrate life and death. This is the wheel of life.

To all those i have met along the way you have all taught me a few things! We are ancient beings and we must stop sweating the small stuff!!
Speak up, say how you feel in grace and honor your instinct. This will be the best way to navigate your way through the cosmic mesh. Keep life simple… dont over complicate it and let go of what no longer serves you.

I have been embraced by the deepest love and the deepest pain and all mine to face and transcend. Our wounds are our teachers and our surrender is our divinity.  all are perfect in their imperfection.

A lot of hectic stuff has entered the world at this time and a huge amount of Joy as well. The planet is purging and shifting us into the vibration we are and what we have chosen to do in this life… YES WE ARE ALL PREPARING TO SERVE OUR PURPOSE… and sometimes it aint pretty yet it makes us shine bright! So know to JUMP into the unknown is safe… go with your flow and you will find yourself at where ever you turn. Take accountability for what you action and dont over promise your energy as its focus must be on you at this time. Eat Vegan for best process within the body, drink alive water and stay away from tv, radio and newspapers.. they confuse you and create fear. find solid relationships and trust worthy outlets for information. Meditate, yoga and beach runs, play with your family and animals and be grateful you are alive in the 1st place. a lot of change is on its way and that is GOOOOOD!

I have loads of topics and stories to share, I have been gathering my tribe and activating the souls who are ready to be called to order… been traveling all year with next to no money, yet every cent that has come in was just the correct amount for everything i need. Huge appreciation for my soul family that support my journey and allow me sanctuary in the homes and 2018 is when i get to host all of you in my home!

Im here for you every step of the way, yet you MUST ASK FOR IT! email me for anything… serendipitysun2@gmail.com


Im just feeling the flow of this blog it has no exact theme… im just writing… for sake of writing…


Have an amazing REST TIME… as next year its on like HONKEY KONG!!




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