Question what we consume…

We all think there is something wrong.. like depression or Bipolar or other status’.. yet we never check what we eating may effect our mood…

Im no nutritional specialist yet I am an activist that learns through my body’s reaction to things we consume… they say we are what we eat.


So check out my video on some small tips and let me know your feedback…


If your eating Fast food and think your bipolar well its the fast food thats making you crazy.. NOT YOU!

Plant based diet and simple eating balances the bodies emotions and allows you to gain your energy back.. sugar, meat and dairy drain your body and doesnt replenish…


If you are looking for guidance on what to eat and a real food supplement product… I offer 1 hour consultations where we go through your eating and check what you can replace it with, some nice simple recipes and so much more! Book your session today

Check out for a supplement that regrows your cells… I am an associate of this company and can assist your to purchase your own OR become a business builder from it!


I have figured out an easy way to get this right as life seems really hard.. so let me help:)

I look forward to your response:)


Love Sami



Sep 26 2017 Sam Cartwright Category: Uncategorized

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