LIVE NOW! Your breakdown is your wake up!

Your breakdown is your wake up… welcome to the 2 coming!


It aint easy yet many have walked it before you so please ask for HELP!

You are letting go of the OLD conditioning aand questioning your reality & purpose that is awakening your consciousness! This may look like a bad thing but it isnt so be kind to yourself in this process!


Your body is the vessel going through this shift so if you feel you have lower back pain before getting surgery seek Reiki or Chinese medicine 1st as this will release the emotional block in your lower spine and allow for pain to release. If it persists then consult your doctor.

I have heard many stories about getting back surgery and the pain is gone for awhile yet not forever. so be wise before you take a knife to your spine..its not to be fucked with.

EXERCISE… IS IMPORTANT … walk in nature, swim and dance! Please stay active as this keeps the energy flowing in your body:)

If you need emotional intelligence support please email me as I do beginners guides to all this stuff and show you how to see yourself ¬†from a higher perspective… when we can let go of old programming and conditioning then we can free ourselves and find peace:)

Anyway… I hope to hear from you soon.. There is lots of work to be done and I have made it easy and FUN!


Sep 26 2017 Sam Cartwright Category: Uncategorized

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