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  • This is my personal perspective and experience that I share not to be held accountable for the facts or proof yet only to share my journey that saved my life.
  • USE IT DON’T USE IT … no obligation.
  • Also I write as I speak, so the Grammar freaks…please don’t Judge.
  • If there are words you don’t understand please google it.
  • Read this with an open mind and make your OWN choice of what you feel is true to you. If you resonate and this helps you please email me your experience
  • If you don’t… Thank you and good luck with your Life:)
  • I am eternally Grateful for being alive at this time to be a witness and service to the highest Divine order of the highest love of all! 
  • I give appreciation to Gaia, all my teachers and my tribe family who held my hand through this awakening. 
So the time has finally come when I can share my PATH to FREEDOM steps with you.
The world is changing as you know and the information can be so overwhelming.
Here are MY steps I took to be where I am today which is free within my mind and heart from systems that enslave us.
Everything is in DIVINE Order and our Earth Mother Gaia is transforming and YOU are part of if.. not separate to it.
My purpose has always been to assist the BEGINNERS to advanced beings who seek self empowerment and healing, I only have these tools as I have and still AM walking this path so patients and consistency is Key. Being kind to your yourself, embracing our anger dancing with our rage and walk with others as you awaken to the truth of who you are within this world.
TO TRUST is the biggest lesson we face.. yet to trust what.. to TRUST YOURSELF and your intuition.
Bringing you back to Source/ God/Goddess/Galactic memory is what is happening here and you are the technology you seek and you have all the tools answers within you.
We are Mirrors for each other.
Other than that, I choose to serve Gaia our Earth mother, Ra father Sky and self the vessel to bring all this into reality and share it forward.
Heaven and Hell are states of mind that we project into reality, so mastering ourselves is the road less traveled as this is the only control we have to BE THE CHANGE.
There is only perspective and many ways to Heaven within yet YOU MUST CARVE YOUR OWN PATH, which is within you already and there are NO short cuts… we have to face and go through the emotions to liberate ourselves! To embrace the Dark, shadow aspects of ourselves with light is the way we become whole within which manifests balance and wholeness without! Big job.. and very raw authentic experience
There are many who have walked this path and teach this forward, find those who resonates with you, ask for help and be open to change your beliefs to welcome in a GRANDER understanding of what LIFE is really all about!
I absolutely LOVE this journey and I am so safe through all the darkness I had to face with the light and love of our Divine love… You are protected, loved and this is a collective awakening…we are all in this together.
No more fighting or arguing… become an investigation journalist and start making your OWN MIND about what rings TRUTH TO YOU!
I have given my 9 years of research and discovery. Below are the people I follow, the information that gave me validation to the truth to hold integrity and the freedom to be my Galactic self in this ever changing multiverse.
My journey started in 2012 where I started seeing the world that I once knew was a lie and that there was a greater story that has not been told yet, until now. Below are the steps to take to FREE YOU and EMPOWER YOU to become the Galactic warrior that you really are. Enjoy!
Watch these videos and read the articles WITH AN OPEN MIND AND PROTECTED HEART. You will feel all sorts of emotions from anger rage to empowerment and then unconditional love, this is all normal considering the awakening. It is not pretty at 1st yet the outcome is victorious as humanity is taking back its power. Take your time with this, there is no rush.. this took me 9 years to integrate, so there is no need to feel rushed.
Some tools:
Conspiracy theories is a term created by the CIA the year JFK was killed, as to reject anyone who questioned the JFK story. So the term means whistle blower, I use to think they were lies yet as time has unfolded and the awakening has become stronger I now believe that these stories are true. I have been shown this and have known this knowledge since 2012 and have taken me 9 years to get to a point of where I know who I am, have declared my sovereignty and have ascended to my galactic ancient self that is ONLY LOVE integrated it into this reality.
She blossomed on Xmas day. Our last day in suurbraak. What a reflection

She blossomed ….

For beginners watch the movie below : – IF YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT NOTHING START HERE
 If you know the move scroll down and see where you at and jump on.
For all the guidance and galactic ascension support subscriber to
1. LoriLadd
2. Sasha Stone
3. Gold age legal updates
4. Gold age virtual platform
.☀️Here are their YouTube channel links below.
Join rising collective Golden age virtual platform:
Start here with awakening process and steps.
Take it slow and one bit at a time. I am here if you need any support. Welcome to your free will. X
1. Zeitgeist – The movie 2007
2. Crop circles
Gaia is our earth… She is a consciousness of creation – please use my blog for deeper tools and information to gain more wisdom on these concepts.
3. Samantha Cartwright from Serendipity-Sun: What’s really going on NOW?
We need to know where we are now to know where we are going.
Our understanding is important so we can have discernment on what we CHOOSE to action.
We must focus on the light yet don’t ignore the dark as this is what teaches you how to see through the veil of forgetting. Understand yet don’t become it.
4. . Know who the Illuminati/CABAL/ Reptilian Race are and why they want to rage war against humanity.
Be AWARE of all aspects of creation so that you can know who you are within it.
ROOT CHAKRA – primal state of survival of our emotions of fear, anger, rage, survival, sexuality, creativity, root into Gaia our earth
  • Fall of the cabal series: please what this with caution there are very disturbing images and information here yet its important for you to know the truth. I suggest for the faint hearten to watch 1-3 and 8-10 chapters, yet the 4-7 chapters are about the cabal rituals and the way they have been hurting humanity for so long.
5. The Galactic war history:
SACRAL CHAKRA – ORANGE – relationship center
6. Then WHO are you in this story?
Open to this

Open to this

Claim your free will sovereignty back. Contract releases.
Follow for more information and tools with Magenta Pixie:
The actual contract you must speak out loud once you feel ready to commit to your galactic story and your place in it.
By doing this you are acknowledging the contract and are choosing to NOT GIVE CONTENT to the Reptilian Race who needs you to make that statement from a place of neutral integrity and not anger so that you can get your FREEDOM back.
7. FORGIVENESS: thank you for being a catalyst in my awakening, I forgive you for what you have done to wake me up, I do not give you consent to continue to harm me in anyway.
8. Truth about 5G, C-19, Vaccinations, New world order – ARE THEY ALL LINKED?
Prophecy of 5G – I am not religious yet this person asks very important questions:
Brian Rose from London real is investigating this… Make up your own mind…
9: The positive news: The Golden age, healing and the path to source within.
lets create a relationship with ourselves

lets create a relationship with ourselves

a. Food awareness : Sami – I will share a blog with you on my personal consumption journey (Its still in drafts)
Join… their app is awesome with a monthly contribution fee. Its like Netflix yet full consciousness!
b. Meditation of the mind : Steve Nobal
c. Healing the HEART Wisdom:  Matt Kahn
d. Exercise :

Breathe into stillness, while holding the space

Breathe into stillness, while holding the space

e. Self love : Teak Swan
f. Grow your own Food :
10. Why you see 11.11…synchronicity…
11. This is your time to ACTION:
My Soul Activation is a process that Activates of your Divine will, Angelic healing, Merkaba and Emotions intelligence and shadow work, to understand HOW your technology works.
  • What is a Merkaba?
  • HOw to protect yourself: Angel – Dragon fire protection tools:
  • Golden age our future

    angelic beings we are..

    angelic beings we are..

12. Who is the galactic federation?
Lyra constellation divine Source
Pleiadians Prophecy: MATT KAHN
Th Hopi prophecy
The final story
The volunteer story
Welcome HOME!
See how UNIQUE WE ARE!!!
This is all for now… its should keep you busy and in awareness, thank you for your courage to be here and to the lifetimes of experience to be alive at this time!
I am here if you want to chat and we are one always:)
 Reiki the Power of HEaling
Share the Love:)
If you are open to support my work, please share this website with those you feel will benefit and donations are welcome through my Paypal account
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