How to get out of the Legal Matrix system…

The reason the state/government can do what they doing is cause of the  birth certificates that is issued to you at birth without your consent. This is the legal document binding us to their business of war. So if we can evoke that then we can rewrite for sovereignty natural order and peace treaty to start again. Big mission yet can be done. We cant go back to the way it was yet use this opportunity to build a system that is ECO friendly and self sustainable for the planet and her people.

✔️ 1st watch this video : how YOU BELONG TO THE LEGAL SYSTEM and How to get out of it.



From Mr…J…

petitions are another form of begging, for citizens aka ‘ward of state’, protest means affirmation (in some older law dictionaries), all judges are agents for the bank, all advocates & admitted attorneys are BAR whores, their oath is to demean themselves and be faithful to RSA (Pty) ltd, not the people or clients; we have exhausted every legal and lawful remedy, you cannot fight the system from within…

rather do the following :

- rescind corporate citizenship, return passports/ID/driver to home affairs

- issue own documents, like RGH, aboriginal passport, iroquois, squamish

- draft bills, make declarations, serve witnessed copies on RSA (Pty) ltd

- follow >>> <<<

- get a world passport from World Service Authority

- set up common law express trusts

- reclaim your trust/NAME/value

- find private funds/supports to establish sovereign micro-nations

- land repatriation followed by cancellation of deed registration

also, read and study the contents, incl. links, video & docs on the following websites, take your time, it can be overwhelming at times, but the latter we’ve got plenty now, well, most of us i guess…

>>> <<<

>>> <<<

>>> <<<

>>> <<<

>>> <<<

we are the Co-Creators of this life

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