Eco friendly toilet paper GUDSHEETS

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I have been looking for an Eco friendly toilet paper for some time that is locally made and that gives back to community.


Introducing GUDSHEETS:

✔️ Sugarcane waste toilet paper

✔️ No bleach or chemicals

✔️ Free of plastic

✔️ Perfect for septic tanks and compost toilets and water toilets.

✔️ R1 per roll goes to the charity with Gudco where they build toilets in townships schools.

So the product is NEW and has a lot of effort put into it.

The forest tree plastic bleached toilet paper we buy so cheeply is not good for our bodies, the earth can’t digest it and it is taking down all our forests which are the lungs of the planet. Plastic is very cheap and they don’t give back.


So when choosing to BE THE CHANGE we must look at where we can buy products that are Eco friendly and that give back to charity.


That’s where Gudsheets is an incredible product to support and share with your communities.

Yes they are between R2 to R4 more expensive then plastic toilet paper yet they giveback and the packaging material is a bit more expensive then plastic.

To buy this product at R85 x 8pack box is really a great price from me the private agent with Gudco.


Gudsheets 2ply 8 pack for R85

As an agent for this product I only do bulk orders.

If  you want to buy 1 then you can get it at Spar, Woolworths, Checkers, Wellness warehouse and Dischem Western Cape only. They will cheaper instore as to buy through me is a personal relationship and a per monthly consistent order.

I can do 10+orders up to 50+ orders once you buy in bulk you get a discount and delivery inclusive depending where you are located. This is all order specific.

In September onwards we will be selling the 48 boxes  x 10- 50+ per month only.

If your a big company, Eco village, small Eco shop, online shop or NPO please get in touch for your monthly bulk orders.

If you want to resell the product through your small or online shop please enquire via email.


Its our responsibility to make sure what we invest our money into is beneficial for the earth and to take action in buying this product to change the way we purchase. I choose to pay a bit more towards something that is supporting an Eco friendly lifestyle.

I feel so happy using this product as it really makes a difference to the management of our waste.


So if you would like to order please email


Hand rolled 2ply toilet paper

Hand rolled 2ply toilet paper

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