Welcome to the organic HU-man Show with Sami Cartwright.


To have a space where I interview people who give us insight on topics that the mainstream media are not telling us.


On INSTAGRAM LIVE every Monday at 11.11am I have an interview with Jean Luc who is a Seer and great healer.

Jean luc MysticDiamond

@mysticdiamond33 is how you can find him on Instagram if you would like private sessions with him please get in touch there.

We cover the different chakra systems in the show and give our personal stories of our journey.

1. Root Red Ground to the earth

Root chakra

2. Sacral orange relationship center

Sacral chakra

3. Solar plexus yellow intuitive/Power center

Solar plexus


4. Heart chakra unconditional love for self is love for others…


Heart chakra


5: Entity clearings and shadow work


Then on my PODCAST I am interviewing Martin from LIFEFORCE FITNESS who is a natural science wellness coach and does online and personal courses email him on



Then are discussing the immune system and how to keep it healthy and how lockdown has effected our immune systems.



OHS #4 with Martin

What is a virus?

The mask story…

How get better if one has the flu



Please share this with your friends and family if it resonates with you.

If you would like to be interviewed please email me to book a time slot.

Question EVERYTHING and Empowerment of knowledge is key in being sovereign.


Other podcasts :

1. Financial FREEDOM



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