Testimonials from clients

One on one client:

Hi Sammi

Just wanted to drop you a message with my feedback after my soul cleansing. Where to start! You have helped me to regain the person I once was and had lost. I have changed in so many amazing ways. I feel so much lighter and happier and confident in myself. I am not afraid of confrontation or saying no to people because I matter and how I feel matters so I need to look after myself and stop trying to please everyone. I always knew about the light I just needed your experienced guidance to show me how to get there again and that the something more I believed in does exist! All my relationships have improved drastically. Except the toxic ones, I have been able to stand up to those and walk away. I truly and honestly wish I could share this experience with everyone as it has been so life changing. Everyone has noticed a difference for the better in me. Thank you so very much xxxx

 ONLINE client:


I cant put into words everything thats happening and also falling into place for me so effortlessly since our session. I will definitely post something soon and share my experience but I just want to say thank you . For that one session empowering me and opening my mind up and also helping me choose a path or direction because i was so stuck for so many years trying to shift knowing I’m seeking more but being so lost and confused. Things right now are falling into place or just falling away that doesnt serve me or accept who I’m growing back into. I really do feel content and at peace deep within me. The small little bumps in the road i dont as personally like before because ive learnt to just let things go and trust.
I did a little meditative session last night for the first time in a while, grounding myself with the eclipse and full moon etc I thought it was perfect timing. And wow i had a beautiful dream this morning and i just felt different and grateful and renewed. Knowing i can help and heal and feel out what I need and whats good for me is just amazing. So thank u again

Oh by the way the pain in my arm is gone now after many sessions of cutting the connection and i stayed away from milk and sugar since November, so when i had the milk and sugar since the last few weeks in December to test it out and see how my body reacted it ended up being just horrible, the sinus and post nasal drip was back for me and jordan and also I gained weight more easily. So I’m definitely sticking to the almond milk and honey and teas. And Ill be starting my own little veggie and fruit and herb garden in February which im super stocked about
I dont think i can go back and I know this is the beginning, I remember u sayin the process will take about 7 months. Im just excited for this journey 
I know i will be makin my trek to ur lil sanctuary when the time is right. Thanx again Sami



Reiki relief body massage, Reiki soul activations, Food consulting, Perspective changes in your own home:)

Reiki relief body massage, Reiki soul activations, Food consulting, Perspective changes in your own home:)

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Feedback from the Inspired! Please add your experience and comments to grant me more feathers for my wings:)


Ricki: 09.10.14

Hi there stranger. I just wanted to tell you that reading your posts every day inspires me like you cannot believe. The way you have changed your life, and the way you see life is just so magical and I look up to you so so much. You have all this positive energy surrounding you, and I truly believe you are such a powerful, inspirational human being. I cannot wait to read about all your adventures… and I only hope one day I’ll have the courage and passion to do HALF of the amazing things you have and are about to do. I wish you all the happiness in the world and that this journey takes you to places dreams are made of. Have an amazing last few days in Sa. xxx*




The MOST AMAZING one to one session with Sami at Boom… THANK YOU are just not words enough to describe how you have helped me to see the wonder and power of my SELF! Enormous love to you my friend. xx

I highly recommend a session with Sammi…. an amazing, enlightening and deeply profound experience which has helped me tremendously to overcome some challenges in my life.


Thank you for our session! You are truly amazing and have a special giftxxxx


Thank you Sami for the amazing session It was exactly what I needed! Good luck in Europe my friend


Wow Sami you are awesomely amazing! You have taught me so much. I almost have no more anxiety or social anxiety anymore. My life has improved in all areas. Your classes are so much fun, my week just isn’t the same anymore without your yoga class.


Ok .. So after years of being asked to go to Yoga. I got the courage to try it out. At least try it, to draw an opinion, Right? I’m must say it was refreshing after all the stresses one handles through daily living. The class teaches you to channel your breathing and harness your thoughts. A must for everyone to try at least once.


Kenny Hearn.

Sami is an incredible healer, her path has been incredibly necessary for humankind over the past three years. Her journey of transcendence through the breaking of karmic cycles for both mother Gaia and her soul is an inspiration to me and all mankind that will only be truly represented in the years to come. She has relinquished her grip and ego’s need to control its three dimensional environment with ease and grace albeit extremely difficult circumstances as she transcends to new dimensions.  Through her Transcendence she has an ability to connect completely to Gaia, the Cosmos and ascended masters in order to heal and transform old patterns within those she comes into contact. She has gracefully surpassed her own teachers as she develops her ascended mastery gifts and the Universe is able to completely use her capsule to encourage the healing within each and every one of us.

Her sessions are light and graceful, filled with laughter and crying in a complete sense of ease.  She safely nurtures your being into a space of absolute truth in order for you to relinquish your strong mind and ego allowing you to hear what your Soul already knows. We just need a little reminding sometimes! This is exactly the space Sami creates for those that are lucky enough to experience one of her sessions.  The help, love and support that Sami has provided me in the past few months has transcended my soul to a place of bliss, gratitude and broken through generations of karmic patterns and cycles allowing me to live with ease, grace and freedom with complete in abundance. Her offering is invaluable and testament to this was one of my close friends contributing over USD1,000 to Sami for the incredible transformation that Sami helped her through in just 1 hour. Her contribution to the human race will be invaluable in the years to come.

I wish for every single one of you to experience just a few minutes with this true inspiration for living in bliss, freedom and harmony on beautiful mother earth.

Namaste Sami! Thank you so much!!! Always in your truth.

Peace & Love


Feedback from client in JHB:

I’m still not sure what made me reach out to Sami and Serendipity-Sun. She had popped up on my social media pages a few times, but she was in Cape Town and I hadn’t seen her in over a decade, but I couldn’t shake the niggle that I needed to speak to this insightful woman.

As I’ve found out recently, when you are doing the next right thing in your life, things tend to fall into place quite easily. Sami was passing through JHB in less than a week, and she could squeeze me in for a home visit.
She incorporated Reiki into a massage, she educated us on the relationship your mind can have with your body. She shhhh’d me saying, “the less you tell me, the better” and then rattled off outrageously accurate facts about our personalities, in our individual, very professional sessions. Her open and honest demeanour was contagious, and I found myself admitting things to her that (in all honesty) I hadn’t really said out loud before. I felt lighter after our session but had plenty to think about and work on. I felt a massive relief from the anxiety disorder that I struggle with daily. I slept that night- I guess you’d have to know me to know what a big deal that is. My next step with Sami is a soul activation session, and I honestly cant wait. I highly recommend opening yourself up to this experience.  Kathryn Ralphs
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